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Ultra Theme review, one of the most popular and robust...

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Pinterest is a social media and visual search engine website...
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Why WPaim?

WPaim is a platform to discover the right WordPress &  software for your online business. We are always in search of the best software that can help our community to be more productive at an affordable price.

As a business owner, you will need the help of different software to get things done. If you are managing a business with a team working from remote locations, you will need a software to bring all the team member on board and manage your daily task or a CRM software to grow your sales and manage your customer. You will need social media management software to be more productive around your social media marketing and so on. We at Nitdit help you to find the right tool that offers you all the features and options that you may need and make sure to find the cost-effective solution as dar as possible. 

We are constantly in talks with the best software companies if they can offer a discount for our community. We also showcase best deals that are currently available on other deal platforms so that you save some money while purchasing the software you need. 

Well, review is just a part of the overall software presentation. However, we don’t consider WPaim as a review platform but more of a platform that can introduce you to the right software for your business. 

SaaS stands for Software as a Service, you are probably using a number of SaaS product as a business owner already. Depending on the product type, the SaaS products can help your business in a number of ways and makes it way more convenient to manage a business

It will depend on the kind of business you are managing. If you want to start a blog, you will need a blogging platform, website builder, SEO tools, etc. If you are selling any product, you will need a customer support system, A CRM platform, a live chat system, and so on. 

At WPaim, we are constantly looking for new software solution that can help our users. So, if you are a software provider you can contact us to list your software on our platform or you can use the software suggestion button at the top to suggest us your new software. 

No, listing on WPaim is not free as we have expanses managing the site. While we do select some software to write about for free that are helpful for our users, we appreciate a paid listing as it will help us to manage our business and help our community by constantly adding more software to the inventory. 

WPaim For Buyers

At WPaim, we track hundreds of softwares to bring you the best possible option for your business. 

WPaim For Providers

If you are a software developer, you can suggest us your product to list on our software directory. 


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