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Why WordPress?

WordPress has been the best choice for bloggers and in the last many years, WordPress CMS has become the first choice for the business sites as well. WordPress currently powers over 30% of the web and over 60% of the sites using a CMS. The WordPress software has been around for a long time and millions of users from across the world using WordPress every single day. There are a number of reasons that make WordPress a far better choice than any other content marketing platforms. WordPress is an open source platform and there are tons of products available to make almost anything possible on WordPress. Many leading websites in the world are using WordPress for their sites such as the New York Post, TED, USA Today, CNN,,, and the list goes on. All these big businesses, as well as small startups, prefer WordPress because it is quick and easy to get started, WordPress is SEO friendly, There are thousands of themes, plugins, and tutorials available.

WPaim History

WPaim originally started as an online template and service agency for WordPress users in 2010. We have revamped the site to make it it a resource based site for WordPress users now. If you are looking for a top quality theme or plugin for your site, WPaim is the best place to start your journey. We don’t claim that the reviews on WPaim are one hundred percent perfect, but we are sure that the reviews will give you a fair idea about the product. After that, you can use your judgment to make the purchase decision.

We plan to create meaningful content to help newbie WordPress users with high-quality in depth how-to content. 

Dhiraj Author Icon

Editor's Note

Thanks for stopping by WPaim. I' Dhiraj the person behind WPaim. I have been writing about WordPress for more than 10 years and seen the platform grow closely over the years. I hope as a newbie WordPress user, you will get value out of our content. I really appreciate your suggestion, feedback.

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