50+ Best WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2020

Best WordPress Blogs to Follow

Looking for the top WordPress blogs? We have listed over 50 best WP blogs that you can follow in 2019 to learn more about WordPress and grow your own blog.

If you are new to WordPress or want to start your first website in 2019, you may want to check out online resources to help you get started.

There are dozens of websites available on the internet that offer tools, guides and more to help you understand how to get the most out of the tools you have access to.

Let’s take a look at some of the best websites you should follow in 2019.

1. Tuts Plus

Tuts Plus

If you are looking for tutorial posts to help you get around using WordPress or finding out more about website development, coding, and marketing. Tuts Plus covers it all, and with over a thousand courses available, there’s no dearth of guides on the website.

2. SpeckyBoy


While Tuts Plus covers topics that go beyond WordPress, if you are looking for WordPress-only content then SpeckyBoy just might be the right website for you. The dedicated WordPress category on the website is home to some of the best plugin suggestions and guides to help you get started on the platform.

3. WPBeginner

WP Beginner

As the name suggests, WP beginner is completely focused on helping out beginners who are starting off with WordPress. It is one of the best resources thanks to their content being completely simplified to help users who are not adept at using WordPress.

4. Hongkiat


Hongkiat is a very well-known name in the WordPress community, and a number of web developers contribute to the blog with insights on app development, online marketing at more. If you are a small business and want to find out how to get the most out of your WordPress website you should definitely check the blog out.

5. OneXtraPixel

One Xtra Pixel

If you want to get to the more technical side of things about building and designing a WordPress website, One Xtra Pixel has all the resources you might need. There are a number of high-quality posts available that guide you through topics like web development, CSS and maintaining a website.

6. WPArena

WP Arena

If you are looking for tips that are explained in simple terms for beginners and do not want to be bothered by technical jargon, WP Arena is one of the best websites to get you started with WordPress. There are a number of tutorials, theme reviews, plugin comparisons and more.

7. Begindot

begindot is a blog around WordPress and other resources for the online entrepreneurs. You will get to know about the best tools and services that you can use to grow your online business.


8. WPaim

At WPaim we publish WordPress product reviews, best WordPress theme, and plugin collections and tutorials. We focus on bringing the top WordPress products in front of our users.


9. WP101

WP 101

We recommend taking a look at WP 101 only if you are accustomed to the basics of WordPress. There are beginner guides available on the website but where the website shines is its advanced guides. The website was published in 2008 and has had a solid fan following ever since.

10. WPSiteCare

WP Site Care

If you want to go beyond building a website and want to explore topics that are relevant to customer care and online marketing, you should check out WP Site Care. The website offers a ton of information that guides you on how you can take care of your WordPress website.

11. WPBlog

WordPress Blog

WP Blog is the official blog by WordPress, and it hosts a number of top-notch articles that offer insights on website building, management and more. It also has some of the best articles you will find on website security so be sure to check them out.

12. WPSolver

WP Solver

WP Solver does not have a fancy UI or infographics. What it does have is quality content and tips that will help any WordPress beginner get started with the platform. There are a ton of SEO and marketing articles available as well to help you maintain your blog.

13. WPSuperstars

WP Superstars

WP Superstars is one of the most unbiased sources of information, and you will find a ton of plugin and theme reviews on the website. There are a number of passionate reviewers who have been involved with the community for a long time.

14. WPShout

WP Shout

WP Shout’s content is targeted towards developers, but there are basic courses available for free as well to help you get started with the platform. There are some video tutorials available on the website as well.

15. WPEka

WP Eka

If you are looking for themes and plugins for your WordPress website WP Eka is one of the best sources for unbiased reviews to help you make your decision. There are tutorials thrown into the mix as well to help you get started with the platform.

16. WPExplorer

WP Explorer

Just like WP Eka, WPExplorer, focuses on plugins and themes. The website has been around for about 10 years now, and it is well-known for its blogs and review articles. If you are looking for the best plugins out there, WP Explorer is a go-to option for many.

17. WPLift

WP Lift

If you want to become part of the WordPress community and keep yourself up to date with the latest news around the platform, WP Lift is a one-stop shop for insights on the ever-changing platform. there are a ton of tips and tricks and other helpful guides as well.

18. WPTavern

WP Tavern

WP Tavern has been one of the most instrumental websites in the community when it comes to offering reviews, tutorials, and insights on the platform. WP Tavern also has a live podcast that you can check out (WordPress Weekly).

19. WPMayor

WP Mayor

WP Mayor is a veteran website and is one of the first websites to cover the WordPress platform. There are comprehensive guides and reviews available, and the friendly tone of writing makes the guides worth reading.

20. WPKube

WP Kube

WP Kube is the perfect website for beginners to the platform. If you are confused about what your first plugins should be or where you can get the best themes to make your website look professional, WP has you covered with their guides.

21. Themefuse


Themefuse is one of the best resources for downloading premium themes, but the website also has an active blog that offers insights on creating better WordPress websites. There are a ton of plugin reviews for you to explore to help you get started with the platform and find the best plugins out there.

22. TipsandTricksHQ

Tips and Tricks HQ

Tips and Tricks is a plugin and theme developer that also helps out the WordPress community with its great guides. There are a number of advanced guides available on the site to get around using the platform with ease.

23. Colorlib


If you want to make your WordPress website stand out amidst the competition, then Colorlib has you covered with its fantastic guides to theming that any WordPress user should check out. There are a ton of guides available to speed up your performance as well.

24. FlyWheel


Fly Wheel is an ideal website if you are an e-commerce website owner using WordPress. There are some great guides available on the website that cover professional plugins and services meant for businesses.

25. Hostgator


Hostgator is one of the most popular WP hosting companies, and it also has a very high-quality blog that covers some of the most important topics surrounding the platform. If you want to know WordPress better than anyone else, just head to the Hostgator blog and check out the guides on SEO, hosting and more.

26. SourceWP

Source WP

Source WP is one of the most expansive sources of information. Be it in-depth guides or simply a theme review that you have been on the search for, the website covers basically everything you need to know surrounding WordPress.

27. SitePoint


SitePoint is one of the pioneers of the WordPress blogging scene and the website has been up and running since 1999.  Even after all these years, the website continues to push out great content for users belonging to any level of expertise.

28. Torquemag

WP Torque

Torquemagp primarily focuses on WordPress development and covers some of the latest technologies like AI, mobile apps and more. If you want a source of information that is always up to date Torquemag is your go-to website.

29. ElegantThemesBlog


As the name suggests, the Elegant Theme blog is home to some of the best guides on theming. There are a ton of how-to tutorials that cover a wide range of topics, and a number of free tools are available as well to enhance your website’s aesthetics.

30. DesignBombs

Design Bombs

Design Bombs is similar to Elegant Theme’s blog and offers a ton of informative content on theming ranging from fonts, colors, and optimization. If you want to step up your theming game, then Design Bombs is a go-to option.

31. Kinsta


Kinsta is one of the most reputed WordPress hosting providers. There are a number of extensive guides available on the website that cover topics like hosting, online marketing and website performance extensively.

32. EnvatoBlog


Envato is one of the most loved resources for scripts, plugins, and themes. The website also has an active blog that covers topics like graphic design, online marketing.  If you are into design and want to be more hands-on with your website the blog can be a valuable resource.

33. aThemes Blog


Just like Design Bombs and Elegant Themes, aThemes is one of the best resources for themes and plugins, but they also have a great blog that covers topics like hosting, design and more.

34. WinningWP

Winning WP

If you are looking for a blog that covers a diverse range of topics, Winning WP is one of the best sources of content. Security, Social Media, SEO, and other trending topics are covered all the time in the blog, and it also has a glossary of terms that you can refer to for understanding WP terms.

35. ThemeGrill  


Even though the name suggests that it is a blog surrounding themes and plugins, it actually happens to be one of the most resource-rich blogs that contain a ton of information including development, website management and more.

36. 85Ideas

85 Ideas

If you have niche ideas that most websites do not cover and want guidance on how to get around marketing your website, 85 ideas are definitely worth checking out. The website is home to some of the most creative guides you can get your hands on, and it has plenty of regular content uploaded.

37. Solvid


Solvid is a UK based company that offers solid insights on technicalities surrounding WordPress. There are a number of SEO and web development guides on offer that have been helping out users for years.

38. MHThemes

MH Themes

MH Themes’ blog is all about content marketing, monetizing websites and blogging. If you want to monetize your WordPress page and don’t know how MH Themes can help you get all the information you need.

39. Chris Lema

Chris Lema

Most WordPress website owners have heard of Chris Lema and his blog. It is one of the most reputed and successful blogs out there with a strong focus on e-commerce and content creation.

40. Tom McFarlin

Tom McFarlin

Just like Chris Lema, Tom McFarlin has been one of the most reputed bloggers for WordPress for years. While Chris covers everything from basics to advanced topics, Tom’s blog is tuned towards advanced users, and if you want to get the most out of WordPress tools, you should check out the blog right away.

41. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is an experienced publication, and it is responsible for covering a lot of topics surrounding web design and development. There are a lot of topics covered by the magazine through in-depth guides and discussions.

42. ManageWP Blog

Manage WP

If you are looking for reviews on WordPress management services, Manage WP’s blog covers in-depth tutorials for website building and management. There are web development guides on offer that are simplified to cater to users of any expertise.

43. WPMU Dev


If you are looking for a premium experience with members-only content, there are a ton of guides and industry insider discussions available. Marketing and coding resources are available on the website in numbers as well.

44. ShoutMeLoud

Shout Me Loud

Shout Me Loud is one of the best websites if you want resources that help you improve your blogging and marketing skills. There are a number of Q&As and affiliate marketing guides available that you won’t get anywhere else.

45. BOB WP

Bob WP

If you are looking for a resource pool that covers topics like performance and e-commerce BOB WP is a great website. Online businesses don’t have access to that many great tutorials, and BOB WP happens to be one of the exceptions

46. ThemeIsle

Theme Isle

If you just built a website and are looking for resources that help you get started with customization and design you can check out ThemeIsle’s blog. The website offers a ton of content to help you explore ideas and take a look at how other budding website owners have designed their sites.

47. CodeInWP

Code In WP

CodeInWP offers a massive number of resources to help you get started with website monetization. There are a ton of tutorials and resources to help you get started with affiliate marketing, advertising and more.

48. WooCommerce


WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms built for website owners, and their blog seeks to help website owners build and monetize their website. If you want to find out how you can maximize the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, the blog is definitely going to help you out.

49. Yoast


Yoast SEO is one of the most commonly used tools, and the service provider also hosts a blog that covers some interesting topics around SEO. If you want to get ahead of the competition with your search engine optimization, it may be worth checking out Yoast’s blog.

50. Online Media Masters

Online Media Masters

Online Media Masters is one of the newer websites to cover WordPress topics. From Local SEO to discussing commonly made mistakes by WordPress website owners, there is a lot of information available for you.

51. WPWarfare

WP Warfare

Blogging is not as easy as it looks and if you want all the guides you need in one place, WP Warfare offers it all. There are marketing tips, SEO tips, theme collections, plugin reviews, guest posts and a whole lot more available on the site.

52. WPZoom

WP Zoom

WP Zoom mostly focuses on its own plugins and themes when it comes to their blogs. However, their expertise and insights that go into their content can be very useful especially if you are building a new blog from scratch using WordPress.


These are the top 50 WordPress websites that you can follow to learn and improve your own WordPress blog. From the basics of website building to affiliate marketing, there are a lot of resources available from all of these sites to help grow your business or personal blog.


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