Crypto Theme Review

Crypto is a WordPress theme curated to help you build a feature-packed cryptocurrency blog. As we all know, Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest topics right now and people are looking to learn more about the new digital currency and the technologies surrounding it.

Now if you are a subject matter expert, or at least know more than the general public, then creating a cryptocurrency blog will be very profitable.

So if you are planning to build a cryptocurrency blog using WordPress, then the Crypto theme will be extremely useful. It packs in the perfect design and aesthetic elements that suits the entire digital currency concept.

On top of that, it is riddled with a lot of great features specific to the niche. This means you will not have to bother about plugins and the associated compatibility issues. All the features you might require are already built-in.

With that being said, let’s take a look at all the things the theme has to offer:

Crypto Theme Overview & Features

Right of the box, the Crypto theme will give you access to 4 solid demo designs.


First let’s talk about the default design which features a simple header featuring your blog name, and social share icons. Following it you will get the navigation menu along with a search bar. Below that you will get to see all the live prices of different Cryptocurrencies.

Now comes the rest of your site content. You can input a slider to highlight all the featured posts. There is also a section for popular and recent articles on your site. Scrolling down users will be greeted with a grid-based layout showcasing all your content.

The layout is pretty similar to what we see with magazine style websites. Below this is the pagination bar followed by the footer area.


Next up is the CryptoCoins demo. Here you will get the basic design carried over with the main distinction being a list-based layout for your content and a dedicated sidebar which contains a price-converter, subscription box, and other widgets by default.

Besides these two, you will get a dedicated page for an ICO calendar and an e-commerce shop.


The ICO Calendar is used to convey a quick overview to readers about upcoming and ongoing ICOs. users will get to see the name, starting date, ending date for ICOs, and also get a dedicated button to access “More Details.”


With the theme, you can also sell products to your readers. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, especially people who are into mining, require high-performance hardware. You can sell those products through your site. The e-commerce shop is designed perfectly for this purpose and looks extremely professional with advanced searching and filtering options.


If you wish to make certain changes to the design of the theme then that can also be achieved easily. The theme comes with a lot of customization options which will help you to tweak the design until you get the desired layout:

  • Drag and Drop homepage builder.
  • 2 different post layouts.
  • An advanced options panel which allows you to modify all available settings.
  • Unlimited Color options.
  • Unlimited Background options.
  • 4 types of Pagination styles.
  • 15 custom widgets.

general settings


As we stated earlier, the theme is packed with all the necessary features that you will need to run a successful cryptocurrency blog. Here is a list of all the important features that you will get with the theme.

Show Live Coin Prices

Cryptocurrency prices change with a blink of an eye. If you wish to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information to your readers then it will not be plausible for you to do so manually.

live coin prices

However, the theme can handle that for you. All cryptocurrency prices will be updated in real-time. Your readers will be thankful to get a quick view to all updated cryptocurrency from a single panel.

Create Dedicated Pages for Different Coins

There is no hiding the fact that some cryptocurrencies are just more important than others. As such, it makes perfect sense to create dedicated pages or sections for all the important cryptocurrencies.

For example, one of your users might have invested in Ethereum and wants to be know all the information surrounding the altcoin. If you keep a dedicated page on the topic, it will be very useful to your readers which in turn will help you create a loyal user base.

Show Historical Price Data

Since the cryptocurrency prices are in a constant high and low, it is important to see the historic price data for proper evaluation of the cryptocurrency. Now the theme comes with an inbuilt feature to showcase the historic price data on coins. You will not have to do this manually or with the use of any additional plugins.



Show Comparison Data Between Different Cryptocurrencies

Many of the people who are learning about cryptocurrency from your blog will also have plans to invest in them. Having a simple price comparison functionality will help this demographic of users immensely.


2 Cryptocurrency Widgets

Besides all these, the theme also brings you two dedicated cryptocurrency widgets. You can place them on the sidebar of your theme.

2-Dedicated-Widgets-for-CoinsOne of the widgets is a price converter tool. And the other one shows a quick overview of a specific cryptocurrency.

WooCommerce compatibility

The theme is WooCommerce compatible. As you have already seen, it comes with a dedicated page for selling products on your website.


If you are already thrilled with all the features we just discussed, then wait, there is more! To make the theme a bang for your buck, you will also get:

  • Responsive design
  • A featured Slider.
  • Adsense optimization to easily add ads to your site.
  • Parallax scrolling.
  • Ajax loading.
  • Lazy loading.
  • Author Box to let users know about the author of each post.
  • WP Review Pro, WP Subscribe Pro, and WP Mega Menu compatibility.

In Conclusion

So this was the Crypto bitcoin and cryptocurrency WordPress theme in a nutshell. Hope this helped you to figure out if this theme will be helpful in your personal project. Do let us know if you ultimately picked the theme for building your own cryptocurrency blog.

You are welcome to share your blog’s link here in the comments section. Fellow readers will get a real-world example of a website that can be built with the theme. And you will also get some decent traffic.

Again, if you are already a user of the theme then let us about your experience using it. It will be invaluable for users looking forward to getting the theme.


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