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Best WordPress Plugins 2020

Top WordPress plugins to add various functions on your site

How to Select a WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugins make this CMS what it is. You can find a plugin for almost anything you wish to achieve with your WordPress site.

When you create a WordPress site, you will need to install some plugins for optimizing your site or various other function on your site. 

And at times, using a plugin to add a custom functionality is better than having it in your theme because you will be free to change the theme anything you wish to. 

01. What Are The Must Use WordPress Plugins?

When you install a new WordPress setup, there are a few plugins that you must have to install. Such as the following

  • An SEO plugin
  • A cache plugin (Unless your hosting provider asks you not to)
  • Custom Gutenberg block plugin (for customization)
  • Website builder (optional)
  • A form builder for contact form (if the theme doesn’t offer built-in option)
  • Social sharing plugin (optional)
  • And your site or niche specific plugins

Depending on the niche and your site type, you will need to install various plugins. 

02. Are Free Plugins Safe to Install?

Certainly. You can install plugin from the WordPress plugin repository. The plugin moderator team checks all the plugins before they are approved on the platform. 

So, they are safer to use. In fact, some of the most popular plugins like Yoast SEO, Rank Math are free to install. 

03. What Should Be The Maximum Number of Plugins to Be Used?

This is a very common question among the newbie WordPress users “what is the maximum number of plugins I should use?”

The answer is “depends”. There is no specific number of plugins that you need to use. As far as the quality of the plugins are good and it doesn’t bloat your site. 

04. What If I Don't Want to Use an SEO Plugin?

It is important to use an SEO plugin for every WordPress site unless you create something custom from groundup. Most of the post and page SEO features and managed by the plugin. 

If you have any question while selecting a plugin, you can contact us by using our contact page.