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Best WordPress Themes 2020

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How to Select a WordPress Theme

If you are looking for the best WordPress theme for your new WordPress blog. We have listed top themes for various niches, so you can check the niche you are planning to work on.

When you look for a WordPress theme for your site, you will come across hundreds of options and you might get confused. 

So, here are a few tips for you to choose the right theme for your blog or your business site. 

01. Free Vs Premium Theme

This is a very important aspect to look at. If you are starting a new WordPress site and you don’t have any prior experience of creating a WordPress site, you might get confused if you need to go for a premium theme or a free theme is fine.

Well, the answer is a premium theme. 

Consider spending a few dollars to buy a premium theme because

  • A premium theme gets regularly updated
  • The coding standard is better
  • Offers more features
  • You get better support

However, there are exceptions. If you go for the free version of themes like Astra or GeneratePress, these themes are as good as a premium theme. But to get more features, you will have to go for the premium add-ons even for these themes. 

02. Experience of the developer

I would recommend you to stick to well known developers when it comes to your theme. You must consider buying a theme from experience developer. 

While this may not be the rule of thumb and even a new developer can design a great theme. An experience developer learns from the past experiences, bugs and creates a full proof product.

03. Look for the Features It Offers.

If you are creating a simple blog, any WordPress theme takes care of this aspect as WordPress is primarily a blogging platform. However, there could be some required features that you want to have in your selected. So, you need to look for those. 

There are many themes that are still not fully compatible with the Gutenberg editor, make sure to avoid such themes. 

04. Check If The Theme is Updated Regularly

The core WordPress keeps on getting updated. So, the theme that you selected also has to be updated to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Make sure to check if the theme is regularly updated. 

05. Look for Reviews

While a review of theme may not give you a completely clear picture about a theme as the experience of the reviewer might be different. It will certainly give you some idea how good or bad the theme is. 

06. Check The Loading Speed

Loading speed of a site is extremely important, so you have to make sure that the theme you are going to select offers a great loading speed. 

There are hundreds of WordPress themes that are loading with tons of unnecessary features to attract customers, make sure to avoid those themes. 

Go for a clean, minimal and fast loading theme because such theme will help you in the long run. 

06. The Price

The price of the theme is another important factor, specially for the newbie users. The price range of a good quality theme should be around $50-$80.

However, this investment is important for your blog. 

If you have any question while selecting your theme, you can contact us by using our contact page.